Elle Britz, Accidentally Amazing

Elle Britz, Accidentally Amazing

We should all believe in the power of recognizing amazing, confident, beautiful women whenever we see fit to do so. Compliment a stranger on the subway if you like her hair, let your co-worker know that she looks great in those new pants, or call your mom and tell her she looked beautiful in that picture she posted on Facebook. There are so many amazing women in the world who deserve a shout out every once in a while, just for authentically being themselves.

At Miriam Baker we would like to start a tradition of recognizing women that inspire us and make us proud to be in the fashion industry, representing the busty gals out there. One of those inspiring women is Elle Brittain, a model from Melbourne, Australia, who has spent the past 5 years of her career modelling around the world, and killing it. Her confidence and pride is evident on her Instagram account @ellebritz, where she showcases her god-given curves as well as all the amazing work she’s done in the industry. Our intern, Caeleigh, had the pleasure to interview Elle and ask her a couple of questions about herself and her career as a model with an above average bust size. Hopefully she inspires others to be as confident in their skin as she is in hers. Read her Q&A with Caeleigh below!

Interview with @ellebritz


C: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, where are you living now? 
E: My name is Elle Brittain, I grew up in Melbourne, which is where I usually am.

C: How long have you been working as a model? Where did you get your start?
E: This is my 5th year in my career as a model. I was found via somebody else’s Instagram before I actually even had one myself. 

C: What made you want to become a model? Has it always been a dream of yours?
E: I had never really given much thought to being a model, I was found really. Modelling had never really been a dream when I was first found. Although, I wouldn’t change anything if I could. 

C: What were your expectations when you first started?
E: I didn’t really have many expectations toward modelling as I hadn’t really given it too much thought at the very start. How have they changed?

C: How has the fashion industry itself changed since you first started?
E: The fashion industry has definitely become a lot more accepting of all types, however I feel this industry will always need growth. 

C: To your knowledge, have you ever been turned down from a job due to having a breast size larger than the typical sample sizes?
E: Yes, definitely. I have actually walked into castings and been told I could leave, pretty much as soon as I got there. 

C: We know you’ve worked all over the world… are certain cultures more inclusive and body positive than others?
E: Definitely, I found Italy for one embrace all body shapes so much more, which I really love. 

C: Are certain categories of the fashion and beauty world more accepting? (ie. clothing, swimwear, makeup, fragrances, lingerie, accessories, etc.)
E: I feel like at the start of my career, things like swimwear and lingerie were much more inside the box than they are now regarding body shapes and sizes. 

C: Are there certain ones that you personally prefer to work in? Why?
E: I love all my work that I do because I just love bringing my own vibe to whatever is thrown at me. 

C: How has that affected you as a person? Your career?
E: I wouldn’t say the industry has affected me as a person, it has definitely made me grow into a much stronger person I think. 

C: What’s your relationship like with social media? Is it helping or hurting your career? Your self-esteem?

E: I actually am not the biggest fan of social media, not even before my career. I think social media impacts everyone’s self-esteem in one way or another. 

C: How do you think that’ll change in the next couple of years?
E: I think with years to come more social media platforms will be introduced which is hard to tell how things will change in the next couple of years. 

C: What advice would you give women who feel insecure about their bodies?
E: Everyone has them, how you feel about yourself is important though so learning how to cope with insecurities is key. 


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