The Perfect Fit

Finding flattering clothing for a fuller bust should be a reality, not a dream.

At Miriam Baker, we eliminate common wardrobe frustrations such as misplaced seams, gaping button-down shirts, and visible bras. It’s time to embrace and celebrate your figure with confidence.

We specialize in creating clothing designed for fuller busts, empowering you to express your chic, sexy, classy, and professional self. Each piece in our collection is carefully crafted to transition smoothly from work to leisure, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances your curves without compromise.

Discover the joy of clothing that complements your fuller bust—learn more about our fuller bust fit and explore our best sellers today.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This dress is fabulous.I looked in the mirror and was like: Wow I have a body (again)! It's both modest and sexy all at once... So many other dresses make me feel top heavy and all boobs but in this dress you can see my waist!" - Alana

"I am a cup even larger than D and have never been able to buy a fitted dress. Audrey fits me like a glove and has gone from day to a gala evening. It is flattering for those of us a little challenged in the height department. Love, love, love this dress and would get one in every colour if available. It transcends seasons as well." - Wanda