Which size do I wear in Miriam Baker? Do I need to ‘size up’ as I normally would for my large chest?

  • Great question! Your size in Miriam Baker is where your waist and hip measurements best fit in our size chart. For example, if you wear a size 4 pant but typically buy a size 8 blouse to accommodate your chest, you will be a size 4 in Miriam Baker. There is no need to change your dress or blouse size to match other items of clothing you already own, especially if they had been chosen to compensate for a poorly fitted bust.

Do I adjust sizes at all to accommodate my bust?

  • We keep a fit guide for each item of Miriam Baker clothing - it is best to consult that if you are curious about your specific cupsize. Most items of clothing will fit as intended for a C-H cup. That means that if you and a friend both wear size 8 pants and one of you is a C cup and one is an E cup, you would both wear a size 8 Clara dress.

Why do you sell bottoms and pants?

  • We find customers often shop for “outfits,” and presenting a complete collection with pants and skirts is helpful for many customers to see how they’ll look and feel in Miriam Baker designs.

Why doesn't mainstream fashion fit women with chests?

  • Fashion sizing is routed in long-outdated surveys, that paid mostly impoverished white women in the early 20th century to report their size information. Even at the time, these sizes weren’t reflective of the diversity of women’s bodies. Those initial size guides were never corrected, and now many brands inflate their sizing to appeal to people who get hung up on the number stitched inside their dress.