How to Wash The Best European Bra Brands

We believe in the importance of taking good care of all of your fuller bust garments. The correct washing and drying methods will extend the life of your clothing and lingerie.

How often should you wash your lingerie?

Can your delicates handle the washing machine?

What is the ideal temperature for elastomeric fabrications?

Below you will find our most important tips and tricks for washing your most prized possessions.



1. Check the specific washing instructions on the care and content label, fasten all hooks, buttons, and zippers, turn inside out, and place inside a sealable washbag.





2. Fill the washing machine up to one third, preferably with other delicates of similar colours. Select the gentle cycle at 30 C (unless indicated otherwise on the label) with a spin cycle of 600 rpm. Use a small amount of mild detergent for delicates, and do not add any bleach or fabric softener.



3. Do not tumble dry; instead, air-dry your garments on a flat surface or on a drying rack (preferably away from direct sunlight). Never wring out your lingerie or swimwear.




4. When your garments are entirely dry, it is important to store them properly. Stack the cups of your fuller bust bras in your drawer to help keep their shape (never fold them).



5. Ideally, you should wash your lingerie every two to three wears and rinse swimwear with fresh water immediately after use.

These best practices will extend the life of your delicates so you can enjoy your purchases for longer.


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