5 Things Full-Busted Women Deal With In Summer

5 Things Full-Busted Women Deal With In Summer

Sure, being busty is great & we have wonderful fashion available for all full-busted women.
But being a full-busted woman in summer? It's not all it’s cracked up to be.
From sweaty boobs to unwanted staring, here are some of this season’s biggest challenges, along with few easy solutions:

1) Boob Sweat

Barbie doll applying deodorant under breasts

Just saying these words out loud is enough to make us want to move to the nearest polar region. Women sweat, and we’re darn proud of it. But, on really hot days, a line of moisture seeps into our shirts and the dry cleaning bills are a bitch. So what’s a gal to do?

TIP #1: Get Creative With Deodorant

Who says antiperspirant is only for pits? You can also apply it under each breast. Sprays leave little residue, but we’ve also heard rave reviews about Bust Dust. This totally toxin-free powder is made using cornstarch, aloe and lavender which help keep moisture at bay.

TIP #2: Use Bra Liners

In a pinch, we’ve stuck tissue under our underwire but they tend to dissolve. Instead, invest in something made specifically for our boobs. Cotton and bamboo blend bra liners are all-natural and totally moisture wicking. They also prevent your bra from chafing the skin (ah, the glamours of womanhood).

2) Peekaboo Bra Straps

woman pulling up her bra strap

Unlike our small-breasted sisters, there aren’t many occasions where going braless is an option for us. Holding our beloved boob in place requires a good bra whose straps often show up where they’re not wanted. Like when we’re wearing a boatneck top, a sleeveless shell and pretty much anything we own that isn’t a turtleneck, mock or otherwise. (Shameless Plug: At Miriam Baker, all of our clothing is designed to keep your straps in place, just sayin’).

So what’s a gal to do? Read our guide on How To Find The Perfect Bra

TIP #1: Tape ‘Em Up

If you haven’t bought double-sided fashion tape, stop reading RIGHT NOW and get some. This stuff is the antidote to pretty much any fabric emergency, from errant wrap dresses to unsightly gaps between shirt buttons. (Shameless Plug: Our clothes never do that, btw). Cut a piece about an inch-and-a-half long and stick it under each bra strap. Then, attach it to your skin exactly where you want it to stay. Done and done.

TIP #2: Use Bra Clips

We’ve had pretty good results with flexible bra clips. These nifty gadgets basically cinch your straps together to create a racerback. You can also find bra clip straps that connect one strap to the other. They’re cheap and they do the job. 

TIP #3: Tighten Up

As a bra ages, it stretches (kind of like our skin, sigh). Wear your new bra on the widest hook. Then, over the span of its life, you can gradually cinch it tighter. The same goes for your straps. Once everything is pulled up and in, they’ll stay in place. If not, it might be time for a new one. 

TIP #4: Flaunt It

3) Back Fat (aka PILLOWING)

Barbie on the beach with curves and without

Back and boob bulges are a lot harder to disguise under white tees and light summery fabrics. So what’s a gal to do?

TIP #1: Get The Right Bra

We wouldn’t be surprised if a well-fitting bra could lead to world peace. In the meantime, find an expert and get measured. You may need to go down one band hook and up a cup size.
Our go-to spot for great fittings in Toronto is Melmira.

 TIP #2: Make Friends With Shapewear

No one wakes up in the morning and says: ‘I can’t wait to put on a torture device today!’ Shapewear is not our very best friend, but when it comes to a smooth finish, there’s no denying its powers. In our opinion, the lesser of all evils is the Tulle Forming Body by Wolford. More breathable than Spanx, it’s soft and fits under your bust so you can pair it with the bra of your choice.

4) Bathing Suit Shopping Angst

For women with big boobs, finding a bathing suit that fits AND flatters is not unlike scoring a cheap deal to Europe in the middle of July. Near impossible without a whole ton of research. So what’s a gal to do?

TIP #1: Shop Around (and around and around)

If there was ever anything we would prefer to buy online, it’s this. Unfortunately, bathing suits generally need to be tried-on, preferably with the help of a horse-whispering professional. Once you’ve found a brand you like, then by all means click away but in the meantime get a proper fitting. Panache, PrimaDonna and Freya are just a few of our favourite brands because the cup sizing goes well above DD, they tend to be long-lasting and you can often mix and match sizes with tops and bottoms.

5 Bust-Friendly Swimwear Brands

TIP #2: Love Your Body And Ignore The Haters


5) Shameless Staring

The season of people staring at our cleavage is in full swing, yay! Despite our best efforts to project intelligence and kindness, people often seem to think we’re wearing a sign with an arrow that says: ‘Look at my breasts! Here they are!’

While we can’t control what others choose to look at (women have boobs, get over it!), we can make an attitude adjustment. And if all else fails, a firm F#@k Off can often work wonders.


Miriam Baker is proud to bring you this blog post. We design clothes for women with fuller busts in the heart of downtown Toronto. If you would like to learn more about the brand and the designer behind it, read Meet the Designer for more insight, or sign up to our newsletter for new drops, offers and events. Please contact us at info@miriam-baker.com with any stories of your own that are pertinent to our mission or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

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It never occurred to me that breast management could be a science. Eye-opening. My daughter and I were driving — or rather she was driving and I was the passenger — and we stopped at a light. O. commented as a young woman passed by wearing those ultra-short cutoffs: “That girl’s ass is falling out of her pants and it just doesn’t work. …I can say that because I’m a girl.” And as her Dad, I’m only permitted to think it. Ms. Baker, here is another situation for your wizardry, no?

Myles Kesten

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