The 3 Best Sports Bras for Large Chests

The 3 Best Sports Bras for Large Chests

Workout bra with no support? No thanks

The last thing you want when you’re running on the treadmill are for your breasts to bounce around. Like with all bras, women with larger chests need more support than smaller-chested friends do — and not all sports bras are created equal.

If a bra hasn’t been designed specifically for larger busts, not only will the straps be too narrow, they can dig into your shoulders and cause discomfort. Chaffing is another aspect of bad design — and something you can totally avoid.

Sports bras for large chests should offer more coverage, have wider straps and a durable bottom band that won’t ride up. Built-in cups with supportive seaming are also important, as you should never have to double up on sports bras to get proper support while exercising.

With all that in mind, we rounded up our favourite sports bras for large chests. Here are some of our top picks.


Panache Women's Underwire Sports Bra

Known for their bust-friendly swimwear, Panache’s workout bras offer maximum support with built-in cups designed to reduce breast bounce. The brand’s underwire sports bra comes in a variety of colours and sizes from 34B to 34J. It’s one of the top-rated sports bras on Amazon, praised for its comfort, quality and durability. The bra has adjustable cushioned shoulder straps which disperse pressure while you’re working up a sweat. Good for everything from yoga to crossfit.


Freya Epic Underwire Bra


Another one of our favourite swimwear brands, Freya makes workout bras for busty women who want maximum support. Freya’s high-impact Epic Underwire Bra is ideal for intense movement sports, like running or dancing, and has foam cups for a smooth fit. The underwire bra is finished with back J-hooks, which allow you to convert single straps to a racerback style. Available in sizes from D to H. 


D+ Max Support Bra

A top-rated and award-winning bra, Shock Absorber’s D+ Max Support Bra reduces bounce up to 78 per cent. Praised as the running bra for busty women, this Shock Absorber style has a number of features including non-slip adjustable straps and a soft, wide underband, for comfort and breathability. Its sophisticated design supports breasts while in motion and reduces chafing. Crafted with moisture-wicking fabric, the D+ Max Support Bra comes three colours and goes up to an H cup.


Don’t forget...

The two most important things to keep in mind when purchasing a sports bra designed for large busts is support and comfort. Don’t be afraid to ask sales associates questions and read online reviews, too. After all, you want to be able to move fearlessly while crushing your workout — not worry about spilling out your tank top.


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