DD+ Lingerie: Top 6 Ways PrimaDonna Lingerie Achieves the Perfect Fuller Bust Fit

DD+ Lingerie: Top 6 Ways PrimaDonna Lingerie Achieves the Perfect Fuller Bust Fit

  1. Scalloped edges around the bra band diffuse what would otherwise be an uncomfortable sharp edge.
  2. The back band is cut on an angle so that with tension it becomes straight. Most bras are cut straight (to save fabric) which then curve upwards on the body. Primadonna bras are engineered to fit better. 
  3. Straps that terminate at the bra band? Never! These sturdy (yet beautiful) straps continue onto the back band where they are welded in place. This stabilizes the bra and gives it more strength. 
  4. Underwires are made of the highest quality steel. They are nickel free and protected with a nylon coating. Next, they are wrapped in 3 layers of fabric, including a thick layer of foam. Primadonna underwires are patented and comfortable! 
  5. The edges of the back band closure are covered in plush fabric so as to not itch and irritate the skin.
  6. All fabrics are tested by Okotex to ensure they are the best quality possible and hypo-allergenic.

With Primadonna there is NO compromise between fit and fashion. They make stunning bras that fit perfectly and look great in all sizes, even up to a K cup.


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