Triple Bottom Line & Transparency

Triple Bottom Line & Transparency

As sustainability becomes an ever more pressing issue in the fashion industry, it is important that fashion brands are transparent with their production practices. But, what does it really mean to be transparent? Transparency requires a brand to be honest about how they conduct their business; specifically as it relates to their supply chain. Miriam Baker understands the importance of transparency and sustainable fashion.

I am proud to offer details about our sourcing and production process in order to build a trusting relationship with clients, as well as educate consumers on our sustainable triple bottom line. This means that we have chosen the most socially conscious, ethical, and environmentally sustainable methods to produce each garment in house. 

The Miriam Baker label is built on three pillars: celebrating women's curves, promoting sustainable fashion, and contributing to the community through local employment. My aim is to design timeless pieces you can enjoy season after season.



For the Planet

Each one of our garments is cut and sewn on a per order basis. By doing so, we reduce the amount of fabric wasted from garment overproduction. All of our garments are designed to be timeless. Made with high-quality fabric, as well as our unique fit and sizing, these pieces are created for years of wear. Each silhouette is designed to be transitional; made to be dressed up or worn casually so that the owner can get the most out of their purchase. We believe that offering a garment with the capability to transition from day to the evening will extend the lifetime and wearability of our garments.







For The People

We believe in the power of buying better and buying smarter so we only purchase the finest textiles for our garments. Fabric selection is of the utmost importance. We have chosen to work with specific textile mills in Italy based on their integrity within the industry. These Mills support ethical production, which means they provide workers fair, liveable wages, and safe working conditions. 








For The Price

Living true to our motto of “buying better”, we have made the effort to simplify our supply chain and provide staple garments worth investing in. Our entire design process and garment assembly is completed in a single space in Toronto, and our fabric selection is directly sourced from high-end mills. Our collection is designed using timeless silhouettes with the goal of creating garments for a lifetime of wear; a sentiment that supports sustainability through buying better and buying less. These decisions have been made in order to cut out unnecessary financial and environmental costs. I hope to inspire our customers to stay mindful of their decisions to purchase by investing in sustainable, timeless clothing.



 Miriam Baker is proud to bring you this blog post. We design clothes for women with fuller busts in the heart of downtown Toronto. If you would like to learn more about the brand and the designer behind it, read Meet the Designer for more insight, or sign up to our newsletter for new drops, offers and events. Please contact us at with any stories of your own that are pertinent to our mission or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

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