How to Dress a Fuller Bust for Spring

How to Dress a Fuller Bust for Spring

Although it doesn’t feel like it yet, thanks to this year’s Polar Vortex, Spring is indeed coming; and with it the many joys associated with warmer weather. Spring brings back patio brunches, ice cold mimosas and Caesars, abundant greenery, and above all else, a change in the way we dress. Like it or not, the time has come for us to shed all those layers we’ve been wearing for the past few months.

Retailers and runways prepare for the new season through showcasing their newest collections. However, we’re all familiar with fashion labels excluding women who are above the sample size; women with curves have often been the most excluded from this narrative.

It’s absurd to disregard women with a fuller bust or consider them irrelevant in fashion because they are not generously represented in mainstream media. Especially when, according to a 2015 survey conducted by an American lingerie retailer called Intimacy, the average breast size of women in America is 34DD. And although there are many variables such as improved nutrition, girls developing women’s bodies younger than ever before, and the popularity of surgical enhancement that have influenced this statistic, the fact remains the same: there are a lot of large-breasted women in the world who want to look and feel good in the clothes they’re wearing.

So, if the high fashion runways of Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Balenciaga, Versace, and countless others aren’t offering fashion inspiration for women with breasts larger than a 34B - who is? Thankfully, we’ve got your backs (and fronts!) when it comes to bringing you fashion options for you and your bustier physique.

We’ve selected some of our favourite looks from both our past and upcoming collections that you can rock this coming spring.


Buckle Up!



Adding a belt to any dress will do two things: 1. Cinch the waist and define your figure, and 2. Make any outfit instantly look more put together. Our Laura Dress is the perfect style to try with or without the belt.


V-Necks Are Our Vice



Our customers asked, so we listened: boasting our lowest neckline ever, Amber lets you show off some cleavage. The doubled fabric offers a little bit of support and wide straps won’t reveal your plunge bra. Your bust will feel safe and secure in the Amber dress, you may even decide to go braless!


No Strings Attached



Springtime is the season to fully embrace strapless tops- which can be a challenge for bustier women! With our Celeste Top offering an elasticized neckline, you have the choice of wearing it both on, or off the shoulder!


Tying The Knot



A basic white blouse is a must-have staple in anyone’s closet, and tying a knot at the bottom can easily add extra style points to any outfit, accentuating the figure in an effortless yet chic way, just like our Courtney blouse!


Be Bold



Don’t shy away from bold patterns and prints, either. As a definite statement piece, summer is always about bold looks. Our Megan dress may provide what you’re looking for to achieve this style!


Hopefully, this list has provided some inspiration for revamping this year’s spring/summer wardrobe or at least has given you a starting point. We encourage you to embrace and advocate for different styles and fits, proving the point that nobody should be limited to certain garments and styles simply because of their proportions. Fashion is, after all, a method of self-expression.


Miriam Baker is proud to bring you this blog post. We design clothes for women with fuller busts in the heart of downtown Toronto. If you would like to learn more about the brand and the designer behind it, read Meet the Designer for more insight, or sign up to our newsletter for new drops, offers and events. Please contact us at with any stories of your own that are pertinent to our mission or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

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