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Miriam Baker is the designer behind the brand. She understands the challenges women face when it comes to finding sophisticated and well-fitting apparel. To uplift other women in finding their style, she creates clothing that exudes confidence and embodies understated elegance. She’s a believer in designing timeless pieces and focuses on each individual's unique body when they’re in for a fitting.

With our spring collection being released, we thought we’d share some tidbits about the brand that may pique your interest!


1. Canadian Made Using The Finest Italian Fabrics


Miriam Baker is proudly Canadian and creates in her studio right in Downtown Toronto. Every step in the production process is carefully watched over to ensure the highest quality. We source stretch fabrics from the same mills that supply other luxury brands such as Gucci and Prada - making sure our standard for quality is set high.


2. Garments Are Made An A Per-order Basis

Fashion - Mass Production


Miriam Baker avoids mass production. We cut, sew, and package your piece right after your order comes in. This is why we ask for two weeks from the day you place your order to the day you receive your outfit. Mainstream companies mass produce thousands of garments every season, and this practice leads to copious amounts of waste.

In North America alone, 12 million tons of textile waste are sent to landfills each year, and a lot of that comes from fast-fashion corporations. By making sure every garment has a home before we cut and sew, we move towards a more environmentally friendly industry standard.


3. Pockets Make Everything Better

Jennifer Dress Miriam BakerJennifer Dress 

Like most of the women on the planet, we love pockets. This is why we try to add them to every style. As long as the garment isn’t skin tight at the hips, which typically causes inseam pockets to gape open, you can count on there being pockets. That said, one garment where we have made an exception to this rule is the Jeniffer dress. Fit to flatter, we designed Jennifer with carefully positioned pockets hidden away in style lines.


  • 4. Introducing Amber

  • Amber Dress with a low plunge
    Amber dress


    The Amber Dress from this Spring’s collection boasts our lowest neckline ever. Inspired by feedback from Miriam’s friend Davina, who upon viewing a previous collection exclaimed: “but Miriam, what if I want to show off my boobies?” Amber was born. This piece lets you show off some cleavage, and the doubled fabric offers a little bit of support along with wide straps that won’t reveal your plunge bra.

    “Go to the office, you’re not complying with the dress code!” This was a common phrase said to Miriam during her formative years. Girls and women who have a fuller chests are told they’re dressed in an inappropriate and distracting manner while their body is judged and gawked at. This results in grown women blaming themselves for unwanted attention; you must cover up or deal with the consequences.

    Experiences like these shaped Miriam’s design aesthetic leading to higher necklines and modest cuts. Thanks to busty inspirations and friends like Davina, who find it refreshing and fulfilling to show off their bodies, Miriam was inspired to create the Amber dress.


    5. Our model Megan inspires us

    Model on a boat at sunset, hand raised to the camera while smiling

    Models in the fashion industry typically fall into one of 3 categories: there’s the slender mainboard known as ‘Women’, plus size or curvy, and hard/athletic bodies otherwise known as “fitness models”. Very few models fit in between because they’re strongly encouraged to conform to one of the above. Because of this, there hasn’t traditionally been a market for in-between models. Here enters Megan.

    Unwilling to compromise her values, she stood up to agents who tried to pigeon hole her by instead embracing her curves without being a plus size figure. We’ve had three photoshoots with Megan to date (one in LA, one in Toronto, and one in Tobermory), and have watched her steadily build her status as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.


    Miriam Baker is proud to bring you this blog post. We design clothes for women with fuller busts in the heart of downtown Toronto. If you would like to learn more about the brand and the designer behind it, read Meet the Designer for more insight, or sign up to our newsletter for new drops, offers and events. Please contact us at with any stories of your own that are pertinent to our mission or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you! 



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